#5 New Tab Plus Review

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New Tab Plus offers a speed dial like New Tab page with an additional cloud back up option. You can add new sites with no trouble at all. With readymade logo’s and recently visited sites you can make sure the page looks great too. And if you want a bit more color, you can even add an original background image to the mix. 

So, what does this new tab page offer, that other new tab pages don’t? In two words: dock and extensions. First, let’s highlight the dock. At the bottom of the window you get a series of icons you can use to get access to several other options. This series of icons looks a bit like a first generation Apple MacOS Dock. You can move the icons around, get quick access to all features of this versatile product. And it looks great too.

Second, the extensions you can add are the very same Browser extensions you’ve already got installed in the browser. Nothing original here, except for the fact that it’s fast. You can even find a quick link to the Chrome Web Store here.

Very fast!

Nice, simple, easy. We still see a limit, though: there are no more than 12 tiles available in the default setting. This limits your option considerably.


  • Easy access to bookmarks and list of recent visited sites
  • Choose wallpapers
  • You can put search engines in the dial boxes. Therefore, you no longer need to open another tab to search something.
  • There are also various other plugins, like a weather report, calendar, IP detector and more.
  • Safe storage of data in the cloud.

Yes, this solution offers an export option, to make sure you’re not locked into one system.

Available for:
Chrome and Chromium only

Free to use.

Try New Tab Plus now!

This article has last been updated on: Feb 24, 2020 @ 4:00 pm.

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