Wibki Review

wibki start page
Wibki start page

A grid with some tiles, that’s Wibki. It’s not bad for a New Tab Alternative. You don’t have to start from scratch if you don’t want to, even though you can quickly select the subjects you’re interested in during the signup process. It’s remarkably fast and useful for the discovery of new sites. They have called this section ‘Explore’. A great idea, if only they updated it more regularly. Like, we haven’t seen any update in about 5 years!


As far as we can tell, this site works great. You can add 54 sites to each page, and you can add all the sites you want to. They are ordered automatically, but you can drag and drop them too.

There are not many limits to your imagination here. You can add interests to get a hold of a lot of new interesting sites to explore. You’ll see them all in new tabs. If you want to delete them, that’s no problem too. And then there’s also the Weekly Picks section, where you can click some new interesting sites, whenever you want to. You can add these to your own tabs easily.


  • Free account to manage your bookmarks.
  • Unlimited bookmarks and tabs.
  • Inspiration and bookmarks discovery based on areas of interest.
  • The privacy statement is available.


Free to use. No payment options.

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