#7 Symbaloo Review

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Symbaloo is an icon-based start page, where colorful images serve as links on a dark background. You can set it as your New Tab Page. After this, you can use the grid to easily collect and replace the bookmark links you like. You can also use the search bar to check the web (a.k.a. Google).

Loads quite quickly.

This start page has a nice and clean design. Background can be changed to white if the black is too gloomy after a while.
Playing with the tiles can be satisfying, but only to a point. It takes a long time to add each link, and there is a limit of 52 bookmarks per page.

The central 8-tile space is also a bad decision for usability purposes, because every time I want to read another RSS feed, I have to click it for it to appear in the center square. This defeats the purpose – might as well open in a new window. Search also appears there, but disappears when reading an RSS feed. At least links open in a new window.


  • Bookmarking
  • RSS feeds
  • A couple of basic widgets to choose from
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Pages can be shared

No export available

Available for:
All major platforms and browsers

Free to use. Paid versions available for Educational organizations and Businesses.

Try Symbaloo now.

This article has last been updated on: Feb 24, 2020 @ 4:02 pm.

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  1. Hello, thanks for the great list!
    May I also suggest Tizmos.com
    It can be used by teachers to share resources easily and safely with their students, or users to share resources with others. Videos and links can be added, and creating folders to organize resources is easy and convenient, the is also the option to search by tags or keywords!


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