Startific looks like a duplicate of your desktop, for the web. Icons serve for links, and it includes some flashy 3D graphics, boldly going against current trends.

The website loads quite slowly, likely caused by the heavy graphics that are loaded. Moving widgets around doesn’t snap them to grid so it causes memory errors & warning all over the place.

The website can be clean if you’re willing to do the work. Well, except for the huge “Ad” widget that keeps coming back. Pretty annoying. Also, I wish I could have the background in plain solid colors instead of images that make icon text hard to read, but I can take comfort in the fact that I can always just upload a solid color JPG will do the trick.

Slowness is a killer. And if you’re trying to add a bookmark: forget about it. Couldn’t be more difficult. You actually need to upload or provide a URL to an image for each and every tile you add! It’s an incredible amount of hard work. I just gave up halfway through and started uploading the same image for all of my tiles. Also when used bigger pictures, it just froze, multiple times. Updating is not easy either, as you need to click exactly on the center of a micro cogwheel, otherwise it just visits the link. Not good.

This site’s main function is to keep bookmarks organized.

Exporting your bookmarks is not possible.

Available for:
All major platforms and browsers

Free to use. Paid version available to remove the Ad.

Try Startific yourself!

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