#3 Speed Dial 2

speeddial2 screenshot

Speed dial 2 is an extension for Google Chrome and for Firefox, which replaces your new tab page with a customizable list of your favorite websites. In short, it allows you to access your bookmarks and browsing history quickly. In a time where 

It’s not as versatile as other new tab alternatives out there, but it’s easy to add bookmarks and be on your way.


Speed Dial 2 mainly runs locally on your computer, and therefore it loads very fast.

Beautifully done. Simple, elegant, and intuitive.


  • Favorite websites, apps, bookmarks, and browsing history
  • Clean and intuitive design
  • Beautiful themes and easy customization
  • Easily organize your favorite sites to boost productivity
  • Synchronization with other computers and mobile devices

Exporting your bookmarks is possible.

Available for:
For Chrome only

Free to use. Lifetime Premium account available for just $4.99.

Try Speed Dial 2 yourself!

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