A little impression of a homepage

Now this is a simple version of the good old bookmark manager: What I really like about this version is the simple homepage you get. Once you build it, you’re good to go. You can’t use it to bookmark sites when you’re surfing, so it’s really built as a launchpad. You can only add sites from their catalogue, so if you can’t find the site you’re looking for, you have to ask the good people at to add it. This seems kind of limiting to me, not to mention time-consuming. Still, if you’re looking for a fast page to start from, this might be your thing.

Performance of

This site does perform well. It loads fast, and you don’t even have to take my word on it. Google agrees. Still, since there is not much interaction possible, I didn’t expect any trouble here.

Main features

  • Fast interface
  • Simple, uncluttered design
  • Many sites to choose from
  • In the onboarding process, you get to choose from top sites in many categories
  • Options to display or disable search bar
  • Some background images possible
  • Choose your own icons
  • Styling of the preferences section feels outdated


You can access the site from any device, though it’s not really designed for a small screen. After you’ve set up your pages, they are easily clickable.


There are no mentions of prices anywhere, which makes you wonder what’s going on here. Who’s paying for this service? In the privacy policy, they state: ‘This is free, harmless and fun, but here is a privacy policy that we found on Google, if it makes you feel better.’ Well, I’m afraid they should do better than this before I entrust them with my most personal surfing data.

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