igHome tries to emulate and restore as much as possible of the old functionality and design of iGoogle (retired by Google in 2013).

The website is a bit slow. Once you remove some of the default widgets and news feeds, it accelerates a bit.

There are a huge banner and a few lines of clutter on the bottom of the screen, other than that it’s mostly clean.

Edit processes are unnecessarily long and annoying. Adding widgets takes a long time, and even removing them takes too long (page has to be refreshed). Organizing bookmarks is impossible: can’t drag them or create categories. For a start page, I find this to be a big problem; The bookmarks auto-sort alphabetically. The color choices for most widgets are terrible and inconsistent, and the design is quite poor.


  • Bookmarking
  • RSS feeds
  • Lots of gadgets (e.g., weather, traffic, financial) to choose from

No export options for your bookmarks.

Available for:
All major platforms and browsers.

Free to use.

Try igHome now!

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