iChrome Review

Typical iChrome screenshot

iChrome is a New Tab Alternative you’ll grow to love. Eventually. First, you have to set it up, just the way you want to. You can add widgets with a drag and drop, change some settings, import bookmarks, get inspirational quotes. Adding widgets is easy, once you see how.


The site load locally, so it’s fast. You can detect some delays when refreshing an RSS feed, but this never really becomes cumbersome. It’s not clear how the news gets aggregated, but they still offer many different sources, like the New York Times. Everything seems designed for speed.


  • Fast loading homepage you can personalize.
  • You get a few quick links. It’s not a viable bookmark manager.
  • You can follow the news with an RSS feed, even see it full screen.
  • There is a theme shop, to change the background image and other styling options.
  • When switching from grid to page layout, the site doesn’t respond well.
  • Limited personalization options to preset widgets.

Benefits iChrome

As with many New Tab Alternatives, this version offers a lot more functionality than Google. You can enable or disable the search box, add widgets, and generally make your homepage or new tab page functional again. Still, this slimmed-down version of a start.me page doesn’t really convince us since it also limits the user a lot. You can customize your page, but not with the powerful functionality of a bookmark manager. None the less, you could do a lot worse.

Drawbacks iChrome

We’ve mentioned the biggest drawback already: it’s functional, but not very practical. You get 8 quick links in the PRO version: this must be a joke! The other widgets are mostly shipped with a Windows computer or Mac too, so we don’t see a lot of added value.


Not responsive, and since it’s not possible to install an extension in a mobile version of the Chrome browser, it’s useless outside the Chrome desktop.


For $ 4,99 per month or $ 29,99 per year, this seems like an expensive addition to your browser. Still, with over 200.000 registered users, they clearly offer a product worth considering.

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