#1 new tab alternative start.me

example of a default start.me page

My favorite new tab alternative is start.me. I use it all the time. It’s fast, efficient, easy to personalize, and generally beautifully designed. And robust. It excels at managing bookmarks, but there are tons of other features. Discover Top Websites from all over the Web. Monitor RSS feeds, the weather, or your favorite social media channels. Because it’s a cloud solution, you can access the same page on all your browsers and devices. iPhone or Android, Microsoft or Apple, it doesn’t matter.

The team responsible for this bookmark manager has launched its first version back in 2014, so you might call it a veteran player. You can tell this product has some history, as it runs smoothly and without delay. No glitches anywhere. Last year they launched a complete redesign so it doesn’t feel dated at all. They keep on improving their product too, which is great.

The only downside to this excellent tab manager is the fact that they decided to retire their lifetime PRO membership offer. At a ridiculously low price of 60 USD, you could use this product forever. I’m so glad to have caught that offer in time! The price is still reasonable, though, and they have kept true to their promise to keep it free too. 

start.me’s advanced caching strategies make it load almost instantly.


  • Bookmark management
  • RSS feeds
  • Notes & To-do lists
  • Email & Calendar
  • 5,000+ other widgets
  • Extended Page sharing & collaboration features
  • Export your data at any time


  • Supports all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Edge)
  • Useful on Desktop & Mobile devices.

Free to use. Premium subscription offered at $20/year.

#2 Momentum Review

Momentum Chrome Extension
Momentum Chrome Extension

Momentum provides daily inspiration on your new tab page. It does a wonderful job with stunning images, quotes, a main focus option for the day. There are also many integrations possible that link to several to do apps like Todoist and Google Tasks. You can add custom inks and see the time.

If you’re looking for inspiration, you can’t really go wrong. Still, some of the choices this developer makes are a bit curious. For example, on any computer you’ll see the date in some way or another, so placing this information center stage is really a waste of the most valuable screen real estate. And, even though it’s sympathetic to be greeted every time with your first name, this too gets annoying. Yes, it’s me again. Now, let’s get on with it!

And so we come to the all important BHAG (big hairy audacious goal). It’s a brave thing to put this center stage, really. This final thing might just be the redeeming quality for this alternative tab. It’s not as versatile or efficient as start.me, but it really isn’t bad at all. 

Works fully offline and loads quickly.

The background images are truly inspirational and make this a wonderful app. Momentum provides a limited feature set and this makes the extension great if you are after a minimalistic new tab page.


  • To do list
  • Weather
  • Set a daily goal/focus/intention
  • New inspirational photo and quote each day
  • Subtle custom links and search
  • Return to default Chrome Tab from Links
  • Customize the dashboard by showing/hiding widgets
  • Feel good and get things done!

Not possible to export your data

Available for:
Chrome only

Free to use.

Try Momentum now!