#5 New Tab Plus Review

New Tab Plus offers a speed dial like New Tab page with an additional cloud back up option. You can add new sites with no trouble at all. With readymade logo’s and recently visited sites you can make sure the page looks great too. And if you want a bit more color, you can even … Read more #5 New Tab Plus Review

#7 Symbaloo Review

Symbaloo is an icon-based start page, where colorful images serve as links on a dark background. You can set it as your New Tab Page. After this, you can use the grid to easily collect and replace the bookmark links you like. You can also use the search bar to check the web (a.k.a. Google). … Read more #7 Symbaloo Review

#6 Awesome New Tab Page Review

Awesome New Tab Page provides a highly customizable and powerful start page. The UX is quite tricky: you can add new widget, but you need to press Esc to release the widget. There is a shop of third-party widget builders you can integrate into your pages, which is nice, but also raises questions of privacy … Read more #6 Awesome New Tab Page Review

#8 Protopage Review

Performance:Quite fast, no complaints. A couple of seconds to load, but when loaded runs amazingly fast & smooth. UX:The interface is mostly intuitive and fast. That’s awesome. Although the interface appears to be cluttered, most widgets can be quickly deleted and cleaned up, and theme & colors are configurable. Some functionalities, however, is very poorly … Read more #8 Protopage Review

#9 Xmarks Review

Xmarks retired their service on May 1st, 2018. If you are looking for some useful Xmarks alternatives, click her: http://www.xmarksalternatives.com. Once upon a time, this Firefox Add-On was the biggest player in the world. The company offered its extension for free, and since it served a clear need, everyone wanted it. Monthly downloads ran up … Read more #9 Xmarks Review

#10 My Yahoo

My Yahoo is a customizable web page with news, stock quotes, weather, and many other features. From all of the lists of New Tab Alternatives, it’s one of the oldest and most copied. Before the advent of the Google search page, it was surely one of the most important personalizable homepages. It’s still quite useful … Read more #10 My Yahoo


igHome tries to emulate and restore as much as possible of the old functionality and design of iGoogle (retired by Google in 2013). Performance: The website is a bit slow. Once you remove some of the default widgets and news feeds, it accelerates a bit. UX: There are a huge banner and a few lines … Read more igHome