Aboogy Review

Aboogy screenshot

With an account, you can log into Aboogy and use preset bookmarks to go to your favorite sites or add your own. This New Tab Alternative is not a bad one, even though we’ve seen better. The technology seems dated, there’s hardly any styling. It’s not even a fast site to load.


You can’t use Facebook or Google to log in, but the process is painless. You only need to confirm your inscription with your activation email. Once you’re in, you can add some new links and move them around. This doesn’t work flawlessly. All together, we can’t really endorse this product.

Features Aboogy

  • Easy login.
  • Most remarkable unique feature: inspirational quote.
  • Mostly text-based.
  • Some advertisements are present.
  • You can add bookmarklets to your bookmark bar, to send links, read later or quick save.


This site isn’t responsive, which makes it difficult to use on a mobile device. Logging in also took more time than we expected. Still, the fact that you see the same page on your mobile as on your desktop gives a familiar feeling.


Fortunately, this service doesn’t charge any money. You can still donate some bitcoins if you want to. Is it worth trying out this service? Of course!

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