The great thing about is that you have many options at once. You’re not limited to Google anymore; you can select the search engine you like. Once you type in a search term, you get it with every other option, in shopping, documents, image search, or videos. Everywhere. So, this is a useful addition to your browser, that’s for sure.

What are Advantages?

  • The main advantage is that you get many different options.
  • You can choose from several unknown or lesser-known options like WolframAlpha, Photopin, or OverDrive.
  • No need to retype a search term: the page will remember it for many search engines.
  • Fast loading time.
  • Available on desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.
  • Free to use, no hidden fees.

What are the disadvantages of

Even though it’s definitely a fast loading and practical starting point of your online life, there are a few disadvantages to using this page.

  • You can’t personalize anything. So you’ll see a lot of links you won’t need or like.
  • Some links are dead (FileDiva) or unsafe (Rapid4me), and you can’t change this.
  • It’s totally text-drive: back to the nineties!
  • We see a lot of advertisements. Can we get rid of this?
  • How about tracking codes? We don’t see an obvious link to a Privacy Declaration or a Terms of Use.

Final verdict

Searchall s not a perfect solution, but it’s still an interesting one. If you’re looking for ways to add search engines to your startpage, you could change the Omnibox of your browser. If you want to add other sites too, we recommend using a New Tab Alternative like There you can add as many search engines as you like, including search options for all other sites. You can even add different Search widgets, to make the page appear exactly the same as in Searchall, only personalized and without dead links. Everything is explained in their support article about changing the Search Bar settings.

43Marks Review

43marks startpage
Typical 43Marks startpage

The creators of 43marks call it the ‘Ultimate Homepage.’ It’s quite a claim to stake. When you really look at what’s behind this claim, you see it’s a customizable homepage with a search bar, bookmarks, and RSS feeds. Once you log in, which is a painless process even though you can’t use any of your social accounts, you’ll get a grid where you can manage lists of your bookmarks. That’s basically it. Is it enough to convince us it’s ‘the ultimate one’?


It loads fast enough because it’s completely text-based. No logo or icon insight. Naomi Klein would be proud.


  • Basic bookmarking features are available.
  • RSS feed widgets and search bar seem broken.
  • Free to use.
  • Easy sharing of bookmarks by page URL.

You can access the site with any online browser, including a smartphone’s. It’s not responsive, though. What is broken remains broken.

Advantages of

Easy to log in. You can make lists of your favorite bookmarks. Some of them are already available. It’s fast and dirty. The technique seems a reliable javascript from the nineties.


The product seems abandoned. The business model is not clear. What happens when the entire site goes offline? It only seems a matter of time.

Final verdict

Don’t waste your time on this one. Still, if you want to return to the early days of the Internet, go right ahead. This site is a remnant of the days before CSS. Especially useful when feeling nostalgic!