#1 start.me is our favorite New Tab Page

example of a default start.me page

start.me is our favorite New Tab Alternative. We use it all the time. It’s fast, efficient, easy to personalize, and beautifully designed. And robust. It excels at managing bookmarks, but there are tons of other features. Discover Top Websites from all over the Web. Monitor RSS feeds, the weather, or your favorite social media channels. Because it’s a cloud solution, you can access the same page on all your browsers and devices. iPhone or Android, Microsoft, or Apple, it doesn’t matter.

Main advantages of start.me

The team responsible for this bookmark manager has launched its first version back in 2014, so you might call it a veteran player. You can tell this product has some history, as it runs smoothly and without delay. No glitches anywhere. Last year they launched a complete redesign, so it doesn’t feel dated at all. They keep on improving their product too, with new features coming up every other week.

Other advantages

So that’s the major advantage of start.me: it’s like a vault for your bookmarks. 

But you can share your pages too, and that’s useful. With a single click, you can share your collection with the world. Now, that’s not just useful, it’s sharing and caring. Plus: it could get you a bit of free organic traffic too!

Set up start.me as your New Tab

With at tool like start.me, you need to devote a little bit of time to set it up correctly. To us, this is no problem at all, as the process intuitive and simple. It’s a matter of drag and drop. We recommend starting with a blank page. You’ll fill it up soon enough. So, this is what you do: go to https://start.me, and click one of the social icons to start with a new account. Just click Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, or Microsoft. Couldn’t be easier.

Create a blank page

Next, you’ll see a pre-filled page with some basic widgets and an image on the background. We recommend you not to bother with all this. Just go to your left-hand corner and click the button of your new start page. You’ll open the Pages sidebar. Now click Create new page, type in Home (or some other name), and click Create page.

You’ll see a grey page now, with a template chooser. We would recommend trying the option you find most appealing, but if you’re a bit like us, you’d want to click the first option: Add widgets. Another sidebar opens, now at the other side of the window. 

Now add widgets

Start with the first option: Bookmarks. Just click it, and you’ll see your first new bookmark widget. We labeled this one Essential widgets, but you’re free to type whatever you like. That is the whole idea of start.me anyway: you’re free to change and adapt anything. 

Now you just must fill your first widget, from the top of your head. Which sites do you usually visit? BBC? Just start typing BBC, and you’ll see the bookmark suggested automatically. Click to confirm. Next, add your Gmail, yahoo, or other email provider. Add whatever you like. Click done to confirm. Now you never have to search for or type in your favorite bookmarks anymore. They’re just where you like them.

Drag the widget to the center column (you get a standard three column structure with your blank page) and now you’re set to go. You can always add color, background images, and other widgets later. But I wouldn’t recommend it just now. Start simple. Keep it easy.

That’s how you’ll start to appreciate the real power of this new tab alternative.

You’ll want to add new widgets soon enough.

My first, basic home at start.me


start.me’s advanced caching strategies make it load almost instantly. Even when you have a lot of bookmarks it’s fast and it’s loading ever faster too. You can read more about the development of this service on their blog.


  • Bookmark management
  • RSS feeds
  • Notes & To-do lists
  • Email & Calendar
  • 5,000+ other widgets
  • Extended Page sharing & collaboration features
  • Export your data at any time


  • Supports all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Edge)
  • Useful on Desktop & Mobile devices.


Free to use. Premium subscription offered at $20/year.

The only downside to this excellent tab manager is the fact that they decided to retire their lifetime PRO membership offer. At a ridiculously low price of 60 USD, you could use this product forever. We’re so glad to have caught that offer in time! The price is still reasonable, though, and they have kept true to their promise to keep it free too. 

This article has last been updated on Nov 26, 2020 @ 3:38 pm

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