#7 Symbaloo

symbaloo sceenshot

Symbaloo is an icon-based start page, where colorful images serve as links on a dark background.

Loads quite quickly.

This start page has a nice and clean design. Background can be changed to white if the black is too gloomy after a while.
Playing with the tiles can be satisfying, but only to a point. It takes a long time to add each link, and there is a limit of 52 bookmarks per page.

The central 8-tile space is also a bad decision for usability purposes, because every time I want to read another RSS feed, I have to click it for it to appear in the center square. This defeats the purpose – might as well open in a new window. Search also appears there, but disappears when reading an RSS feed. At least links open in a new window.


  • Bookmarking
  • RSS feeds
  • A couple of basic widgets to choose from
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Pages can be shared

No export available

Available for:
All major platforms and browsers

Free to use. Paid versions available for Educational organizations and Businesses.

Try Symbaloo now.

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