screenshot offers a simplistic start page with basic white links on a dark background, with some colored stripes for coloring. Simplicity above all else here.

Slowness is apparent when adding bookmarks, when switching tabs, and when saving or modifying options. Start page access is fast.

Can’t get any cleaner than a completely empty page. It’s your bookmarks, nothing else. Superb.

The bookmarks setup is very straightforward, it’s comfortable to use, navigate, and modify. It’s actually separate from the start page, like an admin panel, so it doesn’t allow moving categories around the page & you have to use trial-and-error to make your start page look the way you want it. Not good. The worst part is that links open in the same window, not smart for a start page. A few other annoyances: if you accidentally click a category, all the other bookmarks disappear, and when you click the start page logo, you go to the admin panel instead of the start page. A few themes are available, but the option was quite hidden in the admin panel.

Just bookmarks. No widgets, rss feeds or any other options to fill your new tab page.

It’s possible to export your bookmarks.

Available for:
All major platforms and browsers

Free to use.

Try now.

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