#8 Protopage


Quite fast, no complaints. A couple of seconds to load, but when loaded runs very fast & smooth.

The interface is mostly intuitive and fast. That’s awesome. Although the interface appears to be cluttered, most widgets can be easily deleted and cleaned up, and theme & colors are configurable. Some functionality, however, is very poorly implemented. (Take for example adding bookmarks) If you’ve got quite a few bookmarks you’re in for a nightmare. Another striking problem is the fluid state of everything: it’s like you’re constantly in edit mode, so half the time I’m changing my layout or my bookmarks without any intention to do so. True, it’s just as easy to change back, but why can’t everything just stay in place once I set it right?


  • Large collection of gadgets available – including number of user-designed gadgets
  • Bookmarking
  • RSS feeds
  • Export:
    No export functionality is availanblebookmarks? Forget it: no backup, no option to ever export them. If this start page dies, all your bookmarks die with it.

    Available for:
    All major browsers

    Free to use. Paid version for $30 a year (to remove the ads).

    Try Protopage now.

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