#6 Awesome New Tab Page

Awesome New Tab Page

Awesome New Tab Page provides a highly customizable and powerful start page.

Works fully locally on your machine and therefore loads very quickly.

The interface feels both versatile and clunky at the same time. It’s easy to add and remove stuff on your page, but the design isn’t as elegant as some of the other alternatives mentioned on this page.


  • Dynamic widgets that do more than just take you places
  • Rearrange, add and remove tiles to fit your needs
  • Create custom shortcuts (just like apps) anywhere on the web
  • Search websites directly from custom shortcuts
  • Resize apps, shortcuts, and even some widgets
  • If you’re a web developer, you can make your own widgets using HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Sphere personalized content discovery experience

You cannot export your bookmarks or other data

Available for:
Chrome only

Free to use

Try Awesome New Tab Page!

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