AllMyFaves is a start page with small neat icons all over the page. It’s slightly flashy on the eyes, but creates a visual compilation of all of your links.

The website loads slowly. Maybe it’s the amount of images / icons loaded, else the servers or code need an upgrade, ASAP. Switching tabs works fairly fast.


In the homepage, a huge banner appears right in front of you at the top of the page. On the “my faves” page the banners are gone, but there is a “Most popular” and “Weekly faves” categories that cannot be moved or deleted at the bottom of the page, and a huge waste of space at the top of the page with a whole bunch of links to add more tabs / bookmarks. Not cluttered, but not very clean.

The UX experience for adding bookmarks is not great. After every bookmark I add, the screen goes completely blank, and I have to stare at a floating “Loading…” message for a few seconds. This is enough to drive anybody crazy!

This site really is just about bookmarks.

Exporting your bookmarks is not possible.

Available for:
All major platforms and browsers

Free to use.

Try AllMyFaves now.

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